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In culturally diverse cities such as Toledo Ohio, and the surrounding suburbs like Lambertville, Temperance, Northwood, Walbridge, and Holland, it’s now more important than ever than to learn the Spanish language.

The Hispanic population is the fastest-growing population in the United States, and subsequently, the Spanish language in becoming rapidly popular as well. Children tend to learn a foreign language faster than adults, so now is the time to introduce your kids and students to Spanish.

With our very convenient online Spanish program, it’s easier than ever to learn this great, valuable skill. We teach via online, but soon, we will hopefully be in local preschools, and also possibly elementary schools such as Arlington Elementary School, Birmingham Elementary School, Burroughs Elementary School, East Side Central Elementary School, and Edgewater Elementary School.

If you’d like to take advantage of a great opportunity for your children, let us know. Tell us your goals for your students and kids. Let’s achieve them together!


Intermediate Level Spanish Test

Choose the Appropriate Word or Phrase

1. Como se define el paisaje en la siguiente foto?
2. Cuando quiero decir que un evento va a suceder en el futuro, la palabra adecuada seria:
3. Rebeca se va a graduar el mes entrante y quisiera verse más alta el dia de su graduación, por lo tanto ella debería: